Semester Long Storytime Build – Beanstalk

This semester our preschool storytime underwent some big changes. The name of the program became Once Upon a Time Storytime, and both the date and time changed. We moved the program from Friday mornings to Thursday afternoons. With so many changes already happening, we decided to do something a little bit different with this group than other storytime programs. In an effort to promote continued attendance, we introduced two things that were ongoing throughout the semester. First, the kids got a single nametag, at their first visit to storytime, and then wore the same nametag all semester, adding a sticker each time they attended storytime. The big project we took on though, was a semester build activity.

We began our very first storytime of the semester with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Then at the end of storytime all of the kids got to “plant” a magic bean on the wall.


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Holiday Party Outreach Storytime

This past week a coworker and I did an outreach storytime at a daycare’s holiday party. We chose holiday themed books, songs and rhymes, while trying to avoid anything too overtly skewed toward a certain culture. Of course at a holiday party it is hard to avoid Christmas altogether, but I feel we did a good job of choosing things everyone felt comfortable participating in. Continue reading

More than Teddy Bears – Stuffed Animal Storytime

This week my storytime theme was stuffed animals. I created this theme entirely around a craft that I wanted to do with my kids. I found this awesome Knuffle Bunny craft on Pinterest earlier this fall and knew I had to use it at some point. So, that is why for my last preschool storytime of the semester I did a stuffed animal theme. Continue reading