Art and Painting Storytime

This past week I decided to try an art (primarily painting) themed storytime. This idea partially came from my craft that you will read about further down, but also because I’m just really into art and storytime is better when you like your theme.

Our first book was Bear’s Picture by Daniel Pinkwater. This is a cute book about being creative, and not needing to impress anyone but yourself. It also is great for teaching the kiddos about abstract art, and seeing different things in artwork. There is a great illustration where if you look at it with the book right side up it looks like one thing, but when you flip it upside down it looks like something else. The kids were all like “WHOA!”

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African Countries Storytime

Nothing frustrates me more than when people, books, or media loop all of Africa together as if it is a single country and not a continent made up of 54 very culturally different countries. So this week, I planned an African themed storytime, that highlighted different countries, to begin teaching my kids about these different cultures.  Continue reading