All You Need Is Love (Music and Movement)

Since it is Valentine’s week, my music and movement program had a love theme. I went with All You Need Is Love for my program, because really who can resist a good Beatles song?

We always start with stretchy bands, and “My Bonnie” by Jim Gill. We also did “Skidamarink” by Old Towne School of Folk Music with the stretchy bands. We mainly lifted up and down to the beat, but when they sang “I love you,” we pulled the band in as if we were cuddling it.

stretchy band

Next, for our warm-up song, we did “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole. I turned it into a kind of freeze dance. I taped the letters L, O, V, and E around the room, and then when the music stopped we had to find the letter on the screen to freeze at. I just went in order, to spell out love, with which letters we would freeze at, and I also told everyone which letter we would be freezing at next. This went well, although some of the kids would go to every letter until they finally reached the correct one, because they can’t quite read yet.

I struggled with book choice for this week, because I prefer to use action books for this storytime, but couldn’t find any with a love theme. I ended up choosing Kiss Kiss! by Margaret Wild.


I immediately loved this book when I first read it, because of the African animals featured, but it also repeats “kiss, kiss” throughout the book, and I felt I could work with that to make the book a little interactive. I printed out a bunch of kiss lips and taped them to straws. We handed the lips out, and kids and caregivers could kiss with the lips everytime “kiss, kiss” was said in the book.


Our next song, was “I Love It” by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael. This is a nice one to get everyone moving again, because it goes through a few different actions.

Next, we did some free dancing with ribbon streamers. This was to “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles (you knew the song would be in the program somewhere).


I followed this up with “There’s A Little Wheel A-Turnin’ in My Heart” by Laurie Berkner. This has some really stuff going on, especially barking, but it’s a fun one.

Finally I broke out the bubble machine for “I Kissed a Girl” from The Little Mermaid¬†soundtrack. I handed the kiss lips back out, so kids could pop bubbles with them if they wanted. There will never be a time when bubbles aren’t fun. The biggest struggle with this was keeping the kids far enough back, because I was waving a box fan all over the place to spread the bubbles throughout the room, and hitting a kid in the face with a fan would be a not so fun end to the bubble fun.


After bubbles, we moved right into the parachute to keep the excitement going. We started with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. During this song, all the adults shook the parachute, while we let the kids run around under the parachute. This worked well, because the kids got the desire to run under the parachute out of their systems just in time for the second song, “I Love Trash” by Oscar the Grouch. I raided all of our recycling bins, to find paper that I could make “trash” with. During the song we dumped all the crumpled paper onto the parachute and shook it around, trying to keep it from falling off.


As always, we ended with “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with disco ball made “stars.” This week I used the Raffi version, and when he started singing everyone started singing along and it was so cute! I’ve never seen anyone start singing during this part of the program before, so it was a really pleasant surprise.


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