Breathing Fire in the Storytime Room (Dragon Storytime)

For the spring storytime session my partner and I decided to do dragon stories in general as our semester long theme. To introduce it to the group, I decided to read all dragon books and do a full on dragon storytime this week.

I am starting to find myself using Kelly DiPucchio books an awful lot, but I have no shame because her books are perfect for my preschool age kiddos. Continue reading


It was our last storytime of the winter session this week, so I wanted to tell our semester long story (The Princess and the Pea) one more time. To really go with it, I decided to do a vegetable storytime this week, featuring stories about veggies, because even though The Princess and the Pea isn’t really about the pea, the pea is still in it (it works, okay!).  Continue reading