The Princess and the Pea (Winter’s Semester Build)


The princes and princesses of preschool storytime!

To encourage return attendance to our preschool storytime, my partner and I choose a semester long story that the group then builds on the wall each week. Last semester we created a pretty fantastic beanstalk with a semester story of Jack and the Beanstalk We decided to go for something a little more princessey this time around, and ended up with The Princess and the Pea. This story lent itself very well to the project, because we could just build the bed of many mattresses.


We started off week one by building the bed frame, and then placing the pea.


Week two we added the first batch of mattresses.


The first batch of feather beds were added week three.


Weeks four and five consisted of increasing the size of the bedframe to hold up all the mattresses and feather beds, and adding the remaining amount of mattresses and feather beds so we had 20 of each.


Pillows were added so our possible princes and princesses had a place to rest their heads week six.



Week seven the kids got to make paper people to put in the bed as the craft. We did this same thing last semester, and the kids loved adding themselves to the scene, so we knew from the beginning that we needed to do this again.


The winter semester is only 8 weeks long, so week eight was our big finally. To begin I took down the bed, lined up all the paper people, and crowned each one, to show that they had all felt the pea and proved themselves true princes and princesses.


When I took down the bed, I had retaped it to a sheet of brown paper. This allowed us to lie in on the ground on top of 3 quilts and a wooden ball (the pea). The kids then got to lay on the bed and see if they could feel the pea. I initially thought I could just move the pea to a more central position, but I could not feel it, so I added a large bead to act as the pea, but even that I could not feel. So, we decided to use a small wooden ball to be sure everyone could feel it when they laid on the bed.

This of course was not as exciting as fall semester’s conclusion, but it was still a fun thing for the kids that incorporated them into our semester long story.

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