Stop, Drop, and Roll at Storytime (Fire and Firefighters)

This week I decided to do a firefighter storytime, and I began with Fire Truck by Peter Sis. I was concerned that this book would be to simple or young for my storytime group, but it actually worked out well. We were able to have some conversations about all the things needed on a firetruck. I also managed to trick them, and get a few laughs, because they are all so smart they expected him to smell smoke at the end, but really its pancakes (mwahahaha).

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You Can Read at an Outreach Storytime

This week I did an outreach storytime for some preschool classes. I did two sessions, one for the morning and one for the afternoon class. Since it was my first real outreach storytime (aside from a holiday one I had done with a co-worker), I decided to go with a theme of books and reading. Continue reading