Fired up about Dragon Tails (Semester Build)

This spring semester, we decided to go with a broad dragon stories theme, rather than choosing one specific tale for our weekly build. This allowed us to create a huge dragon feature on the wall. We tried to go a little more in depth this semester with what the kids would do for the wall, rather than just taping up some paper.

Our first week of storytime, we created a giant paper dragon outline and glued it to some brown background paper. For our craft, we all used paint daubs to paint the dragon for the wall. Some of the kids got really into this project, while others got bored pretty quickly. But, by the end of storytime the entire dragon was painted, and pretty nicely too!


The second week of storytime we tried to create the flames of the dragon’s breath. While the painting in week one turned out better than we hoped, this week did not go quite as planned. We tried to have the kiddos glue tissue paper into flames, but the whole process was a bit too complicated for them, and we ended up with very sparse flames. So, my coworker did this beautiful job of filling it all in and making it look really exciting for the wall.


In week three and week for we created scales for the dragon out of glitter paper, and had the kiddos tape them onto the dragon’s body. I think my favorite might be the golden toenail, very clever!



In week five our dragon was pretty much complete, so it was time to start building his hoard. We drew a line for where the hoard should be located, trying to get the kiddos to put things into specific places on the wall rather than just anywhere they please. The first treasures we added to the hoard were silver, gold and emeralds (Christmas ribbons).


The next week we added diamonds to the dragon’s hoard (made with glitter paper and a kite die cut).


Finally, in week seven, we created fancy crowns that then got added to the dragon’s hoard (although the staying inside the lines part of the task clearly fell apart at this point). This kiddos created very unique crowns out of the supplies I had available, and it is always exciting to make something yourself to put on the wall.


The last week, rather than adding anything to the wall, we took something back from the dragon. We explained how the dragon has been taking all of our treasures, so today we are going to sneak over a take something back. So all of the kiddos got to choose something they wanted to take back down from the wall, and those Christmas bows were definitely a popular choice.


The dragon, post plunder, is still left with some treasures of his own. While the ending was a bit less of a production than the past two semesters, it was definitely exciting to sneak up and take a piece of treasure from the dragon. They were all excitedly showing off their haul.

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