Libraries Rock (Outreach Storytime)

In honor of this year’s summer reading theme, I made my first daycare visit of the summer a music storytime. I was visiting the 3 and 4 year olds, so I decided going with more interactive things this time around, even though they still sat through three stories!

I’m glad I started with Ben’s Trumpet by Rachel Isadora, because even though this is a great story it seemed a little boring to them. This story may be better suited for school agers, who would better enjoy the art.


Next, I found this rhyme from Abby the Librarian. We ran through the rhyme twice, and had fun moving our thumbs around. The kids did struggle with tucking “Thelma” into bed (having to wrap their thumb up with the rest of their fingers).

Thelma Thumb is up!

Thelma Thumb is down!

Thelma Thumb is dancing

all around the town!

Dance her on your shoulders,

Dance her on your head,

Dance her on your knees

And tuck her into bed.

We read Punk Farm by Jarrett Krosoczka next. This book is just fantastic, and perfect for a music related storytime. I’m not sure the kiddos fully understood the humor in the book, but they were singing along with me during the eieio’s, which was awesome.


Next I did an acapella version of “Silly Dance Contest” by Jim Gill. download This was a very fun way to get everyone moving again after sitting for a story. I was surprised how well the kids would stop whenever I sang “freeze”.

Dance any way you want to

Dance any way you please

Dance any way you want to

But stop when I say freeze.

Jump as high as you want to…

Dance as fast as you want to…

Dance as slow as you want to…

Dance any way you want to…

Finally, I put on a puppet show adapted from Lizard’s Song by George Shannon. This year, Lizard’s Song was our skit for school visits promoting the summer reading program. So, I already had a script that had adapted the book, and just used puppets to act it out, rather than humans. This was really fun, the kids catch on to the song really quick and then are able to join in with lizard and bear to sing it. I even heard some school agers on the other side of the room join in the song when I started singing it. So fair warning, do not attempt unless you are ready to hear, “Zoli, zoli, zoli. Zoli, zoli, zoli. Rock is my home. Rock is my home,” for months after the fact.


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