“One Liners” a Teen Display

I have been seeing a lot of “describe the movie plot in one sentence,” and they are both funny and enjoyable, so I decided to translate this into a teen display. Instead of one line summaries of movies, I came up with one line summaries of YA books.


When picking out titles for this display, I tried to select a wide variety of genres, as well a variety of male/female protagonists, and things that were still fairly recent. However, the difficulty came when trying to come up with summaries; it was almost impossible to think of a clever one line summary without having read the book, so nearly all of the titles I included ended up being things I had read.

The design of the display was fairly simple. I just made several card style printouts with the summary on the outside and the book cover on the inside. This allows browsers to read the summary, and if it interests them, they can open the “card” and find out what book it is.

I also have a the books on display on some shelving, nearby but not right next to the bulletin board. They have a sign directing browsers to this shelf if they want to read one of the “one liners.”


Here are the books I used for my display, accompanied by their one line plot summary:

  1. How a girl started yelling “Off with their head!”                         heartless
  2. The story of a boy’s ride down an elevator.                                          longwaydown
  3. A ship sinks, but not the Titanic.                                                                salttosea
  4. A boy travels with a dwarf and a gnome.                                                     goingbovine
  5. A superhero saves the girl who will bring chaos to the world.warbringer
  6. Everyone is born ugly, but obsessed with beauty.                        belles
  7. Am I on a pirate ship or in a hospital?                                     challengerdeep
  8. The Breakfast Club with a murder.                                        oneislying
  9. Everyone has the Internet implanted in their brains.feed
  10. A spy and her best friend fly to France.                                codenameverity

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