I Put a Spell on You (Witches Storytime)

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, so it is always one of my favorite storytimes to do. This year I decided to center my Halloween storytime around witches. We always encourage costumes for Halloween storytime, so I got to see all the wonderful costumes the kiddos chose this year. I also had the excuse to wear my haunted house sweater vest.


The first book I read was The Wompananny Witches Make One Mean Pizza by Jennie Palmer. This is a really cute story about some witches who are terrified of children, the giant pizza they make, and some very hungry kids.


To get them up an moving after a longer story, we did “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom” witches style, which I found on Jbrary. I actually chose to use a slightly different version that someone had posted in the comments, rather than their exact song. This was a really fun one if only for the chance to scream “BOO!”

Zoom, zoom, zoom
Climb onto my broom
Zoom, zoom, zoom
Climb onto my broom
If you want to make a scene
Fly with me on Halloween
Zoom, zoom, zoom
Climb onto my broom
In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Our next book was What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen? by Nick Sharratt. It is a lift the flap book, that if opened one way reveals something tasty, and the other way something really gross. This book went over even better than expected. By the end the kiddos were just screaming and hysterical with laughter. I think the gross thing that went over best was “goblin pee.”


Next we did a witch style take on “Ring Around the Rosie,” found on The Perpetual Preschool. I put a witches cauldron in the center of the room, and we all got into a circle around it. It was surprisingly difficult for the kiddos to walk in a circle around the cauldron while saying this rhyme. But, they of course had fun shouting “BOO!”

Witches in a circle
Pot full of brew
Stir it, stir it
They all say BOO!!

I read Humbug Witch by Lorna Balian last.This is such a classic, even some of the grandmas were remembering reading it when they were children. The ending didn’t go over as well as I hoped, but considering this was a second longer book, my kiddos listened and paid attention really well.


Instead of a craft I did a special touch and feel activity. We played “whats in the box?” where I had various different foods that could feel like certain body parts, and the kids felt inside the box to decide what it was. In initial planning for this activity I was going to simply say come feel the brains, etc, but quickly realized that my 3 through 5 year olds would never stick their hands in the box. Even with the option of eyeballs or grapes, some were still hesitant to stick their hands in. I had one girl convinced it was eyeballs despite me saying “do you really think I have eyeballs laying around?” I had six different touch and feel boxes, plus created a hand washing station.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While this was a super fun activity, and I think a great experience for the kiddos, they went through it really fast. I had about 20 kids and they had all blown through the activity within 5 minutes. It made all the prep work required feel a little bit wasted.

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