Making Gingerbread Houses with Preschoolers

To end our fall storytime session, my partner and I decided to attempt making gingerbread houses as the craft for our preschool storytime. Since we are working with small children, we did a simplified house using a milk carton, graham crackers, and royal icing. The idea is the kids can simply “glue” the crackers to the milk carton with icing, making it much easier for them to create a structure. This ended up becoming a two session project, as we need to give the icing time to dry before decorating.

Our first session was the creation of the houses. They turned out better than we could have expected. All of the kids were able to create their houses, and they got super creative with them. It was exciting to see so many unique structures.


The second session was dedicated solely to decorating the houses. We didn’t give them a whole lot of candy choices, to make the process simpler. We got red and green m&m’s and some holiday hard candies, and gave each kiddo a cup of candy. We also had some extra houses for kids who weren’t here for the first session to decorate. The kids did a great job sticking candies to their house, and coming up with creative designs. I think the most exciting part of this program, was that everyone who built a house last week, returned to do the decorating this week.

Please enjoy these pictures of the finished products:



2 thoughts on “Making Gingerbread Houses with Preschoolers

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