Strange Magic Music and Movement

If you are not aware of the polar vortex that has gone through the Midwest, allow me to tell you, it has been COLD! We’ve also been hit with excessive snow in the past two weeks, so I didn’t have high hopes for Monday night’s music and movement program. However, we had a few die hard families venture out for some dancing, and I led them in a magical program. Continue reading

Wooo WOOOO (Train Storytime)

To promote the model railroad display that goes up in our library for an entire weekend, we did trains in this week’s storytime. This was my second train storytime, and while my audience is all new kiddos, I still wanted to create a new, fresh program plan. Continue reading

Fizz Boom Pop (Chemical Reactions for Preschoolers)

This past fall, my library started a new program for preschooler’s called “Preschool Steam Lab.” The program is designed to start teaching young children about science and experimentation. It was a huge hit in the fall, and the winter STEAM Labs were much anticipated. For the winter’s first steam lab we chose to focus on chemical reactions.

img_1248 Continue reading