Seeing our Shadows – Storytime

Since this Saturday is Groundhog’s Day (in which we are sure to have six more weeks of winter), I decided to attempt a shadow storytime this week.

The first book I read was Smoot: A Rebellious Shadow by Michelle Cuevas. This book is so lovely, and it has some wordless pages that leave a lot of chance for talking with the kiddos. It is a bit long, but the kids sat through this book like champs (though I should note that half of them were school kids who had the day off thanks to the polar vortex)!


After such a long story, we had to get up and move around. So we watched, and danced along to, Grover’s “My Furry Little Shadow” from Sesame Street. The kids especially loved running, running, running. I loved hearing all their laughter during this.

Next, we read The Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers. The story is about a rabbit who is afraid of his own shadow, until it scares someone else. We were able to have a good conversation about how you need light to see your shadow, which was awesome!


We played a shadow guessing game after reading. I found the rhyme that I used on Storytimes and More.

Shadow, shadow that I see
Shadow, shadow what can it be?

At first the kids thought they were too easy, but then we got to the Ferris wheel and they realized I was giving them the easy ones first. The Ferris wheel and the groundhog both took a lot of discussion, but eventually they guessed everything correctly! We also talked briefly about Groundhog’s Day after discovering what his shadow was.


I ended the program with the book Whoo’s There? by Heather Zschock. I turned off all the lights and the projector. Then I used my phones flashlight to project the shadowy images in the book onto the screen. Not only does it make for something exciting and different, but the story is also quite cute.


For this weeks craft we made tinfoil sculptures, and drew the shadows on the page. We ended up with a lot of creative sculptures. Some kids wanted to just draw, and others only wanted to make the sculpture, and that was okay too! It was a fun and unique project.


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