Now We’re Cooking, Stone Soup (Semester Build)

Winter is soup season, so what better story to use for our winter semester build than Stone Soup. We created a big cauldron that the kids then got to put all of the ingredients into.


The first week, we of course added the stones, the signature ingredient.


Week two, we were able to scrounge up some carrots to give the soup a little more flavor.


We got lucky and found some onions to add to the pot in week 3.


We knew it was a long shot, but in week 4 we somehow managed to get meat to add to the soup, making it fit for royalty.


For week 5, we added potatoes for a starch.


Celery was added to the soup pot in week 6.


To really make the soup special, week 7 we added tomatoes.


In an earlier week one of the kiddos made the fabulous suggestion that we need bacon in our soup. So, week 8 we added bacon!


Week 9 brought the addition of mushrooms.


Finally, in week 10, we added salt and pepper. This seasoning made our soup truly fit for a king. This is a pretty important ingredient to the story, so we knew we needed to add them, but it required getting a bit creative. We cut out circles from the same paper used to make the “broth,” and the kids used black and white crayons to color salt and pepper on their circle before adding it to the pot.


Our completed soup! Looks tasty right?


Also during the final week, we had the kids make their own personal soup stones. (Though they were warned not to try and make actual soup with them!) They glued rice onto rocks to spell out their names, and then we shellacked over it to keep the name in place.


One new challenge we are starting to see with this project, is people outside of storytime moving things around on the wall mural. We are unsure if they are thinking it is a game/toy that they can play with, or if they just feel like messing with the art. As we continue into new builds later in the year, we will be thinking of ways to minimize outside interaction with the build.

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