Spring into Spring with Outreach

I ended April by heading to one of the local daycares and giving two 3 year old classrooms a spring centered storytime!

Whenever I do storytimes at daycares or schools, I always start with the rhyme “I Wiggle” that I learned from my practicum supervisor when I was in library school. This time, one of the teachers was so excited about the rhyme that she asked me for the words to it. Yay for learning awesome rhymes to keep in your back pocket!

I wiggle my fingers

I wiggle my toes

I wiggle my ears

I wiggle my nose

I wiggle my shoulders

I wiggle my chin

I stretch out my arms

And pull them back in

I wiggle my elbows

I wiggle my knees

I hop like a bunny

I smile and say cheese

Now no more wiggles are left in me

And I will sit down quietly

I started off with Argyle Fox by Marie Letourneau. I did this book in Storytime Under Construction and it was so much fun that I had to take it with me on these outreach visits. Rather than the ribbons, I took out scarves to use as the wind. They are a little easier to manage, and have the same effect.


I followed this book up with a couple scarf rhymes, since we already had them out. The first was a rhyme about rain that I found on Jbrary.

Rain on the grass (shake scarf on floor)
Rain on the trees (shake high)
Rain on the roof (hold scarf over head)
But not on me (drop scarf)

Next we put our scarves away to this clever song from Abby the Librarian. I did have to say a couple different color choices for the same scarves, because you never know what color that 3 year old has decided his scarf is.

If you have a pink scarf, a pink scarf, a pink scarf

If you have a pink scarf, please bring it up to me

We read Spring is Here by Will Hillenbrand next. This is a very funny story about Mole trying to wake up Bear, but he just snores through it all. Before we got started I asked the kids to show me there very best snore (it was awesome!), and then we all made snoring sounds whenever Bear wouldn’t wake up during the story.


We followed this up with this fun dandelion song from Adventures in Storytime. I do wish I would have had more time to practice this one, because as we were going through the song I kept having to try and see my cheat sheet for what came next.

I’m a dandelion,

Oh, so small.

I’m growing bigger;

Now I’m tall.

Soon my yellow blossom

Will turn to fluff.

Along will come the wind

With a great big huff.

Then my dandy seeds

Will dance around;

Traveling to places, then

Floating to the ground.

I finished up with Some Bugs by Angela Diterlizzi. This is a fun little rhyme that shares interesting facts about bugs. The pictures are awesome, and offer a lot of opportunity for conversation with the kiddos. I especially liked the index at the end that shows all of the bugs pictured with their name.


These three year olds were amazingly well behaved, and surprised me with how smart they already are. One girl explained that one of the bugs in our last book was “camouflaging.” I couldn’t ask for a better turn out.

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