Recent Display Round-Up

In 2019 so far, I have created a few fun displays of note. We have a large slat wall as you enter the children’s room where I put books on display.

This month I have a Never Been Read display up. This has the books in the children’s collection that have never been checked out before. Some of them are clearly new copies of more popular titles, but I still included them on the display. I ended up with an entire cart of books, so I am packing this display more than I usually do (I added additional book holders and am putting multiple books on one holder), in hopes that as many of these books get checked out as possible.


In April I, of course, created a poetry month display. I love poetry, so this was really a no brainer of a display. I created my letters out of Shel Silverstein poems! I also used this as an opportunity to try a bit of passive programming. I put out a post-it note poetry activity, in which patrons could write a short poem on a post-it and add it to the wall. This was a pretty epic failure. I put up four example poems on the wall, and by the end of the month there were only six total poems up (only 2 new additions). I had envisioned a wall completely covered in post-it notes, so I was definitely disappointed. However, it was a great experiment to see if this kind of passive program would work at this library of not.


Finally, in February I did another Blind Date with a Book display. You can read about the Blind Date with a Book display I did last year here. This year I was able to use the whole wall, and I bought wrapping paper to make the wall of wrapped books more colorful. It was a huge success (major improvement over last year)! I kept having to add more books, which entailed finding interesting books and writing the little summary. I made myself feel better about all of this extra work by telling myself that now I have a list that will be plenty big for next year’s display. And, I am also able to share all of those blind date with a book summaries with you!


I did not have nearly enough wrapping paper for all of the books, so I used brown paper again. But, to make it a little more fun, I (and some coworkers) added drawings/ stamps. The one below was pretty much the highlight of all of the books.


The other thing I did a little differently this year, was simply writing the barcode number on the back rather than trying to cut out a whole where the barcode is. Our books have RFID tags, so the only reason we would need the barcode is if for some reason that tag isn’t working. While writing it down meant in those cases library workers would have to type the number in, rather than just scan it, it cut down on the prep work tremendously, and it was not an issue for any of the library staff.


The other displays I have had up so far this year have been promoting upcoming library programs.

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