A Storytime Picnic

This week our storytime had a picnic theme. I was feeling a bit uninspired when a coworker suggested ants, but that idea quickly evolved into a more manageable picnic storytime. It also seemed to suit our overall storytime, since it is stories and snacks!

First we read One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes. This story is slightly long, but since it rhymes and is quite repetitive it worked for this age group. We also loved the ending when the littlest ant gets chased around, very silly.


After reading about ant’s marching, we of course needed to do some marching ourselves. So, we did “The Ants Go Marching” by Wee Sing. I brought along a bunch of different instruments (tambourines, drums, shakers, bells, etc.) for the kids to play while they marched along. I chose to do a version of the song that goes through all ten verses, and the kids did okay with that! I was really worried it would go on for too long, but the instruments helped a lot with this.

Our next book was It’s the Bear! by Jez Alborough. This is another rhyming book, which really does help keep the attention of this younger crowd. Unfortunately, Eddie’s mom doesn’t believe there is a bear in the woods, and that results in the pair losing their entire picnic!


We did our repeating rhyme next, and this week we sang about pink grapefruit!

We ended with The Pigs’ Picnic by Keiko Kasza. We have this story as a beautiful flannel, so I used that to tell the story to the kids. They loved how silly the animals looked without their distinguishing features, and we all agreed they looked much better once Mr. Pig returned them.



Since Mr. Pig looked like a monster when he borrowed all the other animals’ features, img_0136we finished storytime by becoming monsters ourselves. We sang and boogied along to “The Monster Boogie” by Laurie Berkner. This song is always a ton of fun, so it was a great way to end storytime.


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