Universe of Stories Display

In honor of our summer reading program I came up with a very cool display for my slat wall this summer. It was based around our program, in that our patrons’ reading would fuel a library rocket to various space locations. So my display featured some general space books, and stories of the universe, but I also left space to feature our destination. This section had books about the moon, or planet that we were headed towards.


I then changed out the destination section when we reached our first destination and began the journey to our next one. It was going spectacularly,


But then this happened…


My library is under construction right now, so shelving is being moved about as the location of the work shifts. Shortly after changing my display to feature our second destination, I came to work to find all of our reference books in front of my slat wall. This meant my display was taken down as that wall is clearly not accessible. I had to settle for shifting my display to our cubes for the rest of the summer. Items on this display space don’t get nearly as many circulations, and it also isn’t conducive to sectioning an area with just destination books. But I made the best out of the situation I was given.


Our final destination of the summer is the planet Transformata. It is a play on the fact that our library is currently undergoing a transformation. Our marketing manager designed the planet as an all green Earth with rings of books around it, so I did my best to create a “realistic” version of it for the display.


It was great display while it lasted, and a workable one for the rest of the summer. I am just here counting down the days until I get my slat wall back!

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