Blood and Other Matter by Kaitlin Bevis


Blood and Other Matter is the kind of horror book that gives you an exciting story to follow rather than just describing various gory scenes. When Tess shows up at her best friend Derrick’s house covered in blood and with no memories of the bonfire she attended with the football team, things are bound to get messy. And do they ever get messy. As Tess and Derrick scramble to figure out what happened to Tess that night and what killed most of the football team, the few survivors begin to die one by one. That is when the scrambling turns in to a race to discover the truth before the last survivor is picked off.

Bevis came up with a very interesting (if not slightly overdone) plot, that really sucks you in. I spent hours reading, waiting to find out what was happening and how things would end. One of my favorite things about horror and mystery books is trying to figure out the twist; this book didn’t have one, so I was a little bummed when we learned that the monster/killer is exactly what you are expecting from chapter one. It made the story more about how the characters got to the truth, rather than what they discover. It also felt like the actual monster didn’t get enough of a story. Its backstory and information was very vague and it’s motivations were even more so.

My favorite thing about this book, was how well Bevis got into her characters heads. I loved feeling the fear and guilt right along with the football players as they realized they were going to die. And I loved feeling Tess and Derrick’s confusion, relief, and terror as they learned various things about the slaughter and themselves. Overall, a worthy addition to the genre for the way it sucks you in and lets you feel the fear along with the characters.


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