Not So Terrible Monsters Storytime

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so it is also my favorite storytime! For this week’s program I did friendly monsters for the theme.


We started storytime off with The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone. My favorite thing about reading this book was that all the kiddos wanted to keep turning the pages even though Grover asked us not too. Dare I say, they may have been a little disappointed at the end that the only monster was Grover himself.


We followed that book up by dancing along to Grover and Harry Monster’s instructions in the song “Games Monsters Play” from the Sesame Street: Monster Melodies album.

Next I read a selection of poems from Mercer Mayer’s Little Monster’s Bedtime Book. We have large cardboard renderings of The Quandrey, The Grithix, The Yalapappus, and The Typhoonigator (see above pictures). It’s really fun to hold these up and read the poems of each monster.


We followed this up with a quick fingerplay; “This Little Monster” found on Preschool Education.

This little monster has a big red nose
This little monster has purple toes.
This little monster plays all night.
This little monster is such a fright.
And this little monster goes:
“I’m not scary, I’m just silly me.”

Then it was time for the song cube Halloween Edition! These were our options:

  1. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom (Witch Style) (see the rhyme here)
  2. Pumpkins, Pumpkins (see the rhyme here)
  3. Monster’s Galore (see the rhyme here)
  4. Witches in a Circle (see the rhyme here)
  5. Two Little Pumpkins
  6. Horns, Fangs, Knees, and Claws (see the rhyme on Jbrary)

The “Two Little Pumpkins” is just a variation on “Two Little BlackBirds.”

Two little pumpkins, sitting on a hill
One named Jack, and the other named Jill.
Roll away Jack
Roll away Jill
Roll back Jack
And roll back Jill

Stick, Slow, Quick

Crowd, Soft, Loud

In the first group we did Zoom, Zoom, Zoom (Witch Style). In the second group we initially landed on Pumpkins, Pumpkins, but a kiddo who wanted to play with the cube landed it on Monster’s Galore, so we decided to just do both.

Our last book for storytime was Monster Boogie by Laurie Berkner. I love this song, so you can’t really go wrong with the book adaptation. I chose to just read most of the book, and then when we reached the “monster boogie” and “monster wiggle” parts I played clips from the actual song and we danced along. The only problem with this, is I had to turn the pages really fast! Definitely had a bit of delay between the book pages and the song, but luckily the kiddos and adults were very forgiving.


Storytime ended with good old “Black Bat Farm” by Carole Peterson. The kiddos really learned this well in the three weeks we used it, and they love it too. The giggles when we yell “Boo!” are just the greatest.

The kiddos were encouraged to wear their costumes, and while many of them forgot, we did have a couple Olaf’s to welcome the snowfall we unfortunately got overnight, and we had one little girl in the best Batman costume.

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