Pie Day! (Thanksgiving ish Storytime)

Rather than doing a full blown Thanksgiving storytime this week, I chose to do something a bit more subtle, but still tied into the fact that Thanksgiving was coming up. I chose a pie theme for storytime this week.


Our first story was Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray. I love that this very simple ABC book still tells such a great story. I also got to introduce the kiddos to some new vocabulary, like “ogle.” I think everyone was pretty satisfied when the dog finally got some pie at the end.


We followed up the book with an apple chant from Little Bit Librarian. I did it as a scarf rhyme, which worked really well!

Apple, apple, apple bread!
Apple, apple, apple head!
Apple, apple, apple pie!
Apple, apple, apple eye!

Apple, apple, apple cake!
Apple, apple, apple shake!
Apple, apple, applesauce!
Apple, apple, apple TOSS!

We followed it up with a scarf dance, “Ribbons in the Air” by Pam Schiller. This is a great song that has the kids work on following directions.

Rather than doing another book this week (the kids are really little, and three books was getting to be too much for them), I did a flannel game found on Storytime Hooligans. I hid a fly under one of six pieces of pie, and then we guessed which pie he was under by asking “Little fly, little fly, are you under the ____ pie?”


Somehow, in both (yes, BOTH!) storytimes the kids guessed which slice of pie on the first try. So we hid it a second time, so we could get the full effect of the game.

Next, it was time for the song cube. Our choices this week were:

  1. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
  2. The Grand Old Duke of York
  3. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  4. Icky Sticky Bubble Gum
  5. Hey Diddle, Diddle
  6. Wheels on the Bus

Our last book of the program was I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson. This is an absolutely wonderful twist on the classic version.


Even better, we have an amazing flannel to go along with this story. Since this storytime takes place off site, however, I wasn’t able to bring out one of our large flannel boards that can hold all the pieces. Instead a had to layer them on a travel sized board, but since all the food were technically in the old lady’s stomach, I think this worked just fine!


The first time I did this I just read the story, but afterward my coworker encouraged me to try singing it instead (as it is supposed to be). So, in the second group, I shared the tale in my slightly horrendous singing voice, and I hope, if you share this book, you will too!

We finished storytime off by using the stretchy band. We rarely use our stretchy bands (except in our Music and Movement programs), so it was really fun to bring it out to share with the kiddos.

We started with a movement song from Jen in the Library, that translated really well into a stretchy band activity. For most of this song we just pushed the stretchy band in, followed by pulling it out, but during the third line we rolled our hands, made punching motions, pulled the band into our chests, and then released it to the center of the circle. It was a little bit complicated, so we ran through the song twice.

Push, pull, pound the dough
Homemade pie we make
Roll it, punch it, squeeze it, fill it
In the pan it bakes

Finally, we ended with “Alabama Mississippi” by Jim Gill. The perfect song for either stretchy bands or parachutes, and made even better by the fact that everyone can sing along!

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