The Three Little Storytimes

Construction at my library is done! This means we are back to regular hours, and regular programs, so I am back at it with my preschool storytime. In this program we always do a semester long “build,” and for winter we decided to do The Three Little Pigs. In order to introduce the story and get the kiddos ready for our build, I did a three little themed storytime. It was really just sharing a few different retellings of the original story.

It is also train week at my library, and I really wanted to incorporate one train story for my program. So, I began storytime with The Three Little Engines and The Big Bad Hill. This is an original story I wrote, and then created flannel pieces to go with it. I tried really hard to find a Three Little Pigs retelling that featured trains, but there is nothing! For the most part the kiddos enjoyed my version, though it did get a little longer than I was expecting.



Next, to continue with trains, by singing “The Wheels on the Train.” This is a song I used before during Train Storytime. The kids liked following along with actions, especially tooting the whistle.

The wheels on the train go clickety clack,

clickety clack, clickety clack

The wheels on the train go clickety clack

On the railroad track.

The engine on the train goes chug chug chug…

The conductor on the train says ticket please…

The whistle on the train goes whoo whoo whoo…

The people on the train go bounce bounce bounce…

The bell on the train goes ding dong ding…

We switched gears then, to a new retelling of The Three Little Pigs. I read The Three Little Tamales by Eric A. Kimmel and illustrated by Valeria Docampo. We had to talk about what a tamale was before getting started. At this point a few of the kids figured out what I was doing, and the anticipation was high for the Three Little Pigs. But, they listened to this longer book so nicely. I was very impressed. Also, there is the added bonus of teaching them a few Spanish words with this book.


We did this awesome countdown rhyme from The Wielded Pen next. Her version uses empanadas, but I switched it to tamales to fit with the book we had just read. We pretended we were cooking our tamales, and then clapped on “POP,” and ate them (by bringing a hand up to our mouth) on “BAM.”

Five tamales sizzling in a pan

One went POP!

and then it went BAM!




One tamale sizzling in a pan

It went POP!

and then it went BAM!

Finally, it was time to tell the original story. My library has a really awesome prop version of The Three Little Pigs, so I told this one with the help of some puppets, and cardboard houses instead of a book. The kiddos were captivated, and definitely excited about the story they had been waiting for all of storytime. I didn’t even need to teach them the line “Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!”


We are currently doing this program on the floor of the Children’s Room rather than in a designated programming space, so we went with a very simple craft this week. The kids were able to make this pig puppet at the library, or take the supplies home with them for later. All it really required was for them two glue the various big parts (cut out with a die cut machine) onto a paper bag.


What a wonderful way to kick our preschool storytime back off. I can’t wait to see where this storytime goes this winter.

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