Hat’s Off To Storytime

I chose to do a hat themed storytime for this dreary winter week.

I began with We Found A Hat by Jon Klassen. I love all the books in the Hat trilogy, but felt this one was the least dark and possibly traumatizing for my young kiddos. I loved having them figure out what the second turtle was thinking based on the pictures.


We followed this first book up with “The Mexican Hat Dance” by Mr. Eric and Mr. Michael. This is a version of the authentic “El Jarabe Tapatio,” that gives the kids instructions on how to dance. We had a lot of fun dancing along to this song, and it even switched to Spanish for a verse!

Next, we read Do You Believe in Unicorns? by Bethanie Deeney Murguia. This is delightful story, in which the narrator debates with an unknown person on whether the featured animal is a unicorn or a horse wearing a hat. The ending is perfect!


After this book, I passed out plastic construction hats that we had leftover from a different program, and we did the “Silly Hat Song.” I did this once before during my nonsense storytime with¬†scarves. The scarves stayed on the different body parts better than the hats, but its just so much sillier with an actual hat.

On my HEAD I wear a hat

It is such a silly hat

Wear it here and there and to and fro

Where else can my silly hat go?

(Foot, Elbow, Nose, etc.)

Finally, we read Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won. I was truly torn between this one and Finders Keeper by Keiko Kasza. I am glad that I chose this book though, as the kids really loved yelling “HOORAY FOR HAT!” throughout my reading.


Our craft for the day was to decorate, what else?, a winter hat! I especially loved watching how hard the kiddos worked on cutting their hat out. They really love cutting at this age, let me tell you. One kiddo was so stoked about getting to cut paper that he cut his hat into the tiniest pieces, leaving no trace of what it once was. And that is okay too! Craft time is for creativity and developing some pre-reading and writing skills.


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