Who Will Help Me Make the Bread? (Semester Build)

I am so excited to write about this summer’s semester build! If you follow my blog, you know that at my library we choose one story that we use throughout the entire storytime session, and build a mural of sorts based on the story. For our summer session we chose the story of The Little Red Hen.

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Fired up about Dragon Tails (Semester Build)

This spring semester, we decided to go with a broad dragon stories theme, rather than choosing one specific tale for our weekly build. This allowed us to create a huge dragon feature on the wall. We tried to go a little more in depth this semester with what the kids would do for the wall, rather than just taping up some paper.

Our first week of storytime, we created a giant paper dragon outline and glued it to some brown background paper. For our craft, we all used paint daubs to paint the dragon for the wall. Some of the kids got really into this project, while others got bored pretty quickly. But, by the end of storytime the entire dragon was painted, and pretty nicely too!

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Semester Long Storytime Build – Beanstalk

This semester our preschool storytime underwent some big changes. The name of the program became Once Upon a Time Storytime, and both the date and time changed. We moved the program from Friday mornings to Thursday afternoons. With so many changes already happening, we decided to do something a little bit different with this group than other storytime programs. In an effort to promote continued attendance, we introduced two things that were ongoing throughout the semester. First, the kids got a single nametag, at their first visit to storytime, and then wore the same nametag all semester, adding a sticker each time they attended storytime. The big project we took on though, was a semester build activity.

We began our very first storytime of the semester with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Then at the end of storytime all of the kids got to “plant” a magic bean on the wall.


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