Hop, Jump, Bounce, Leap Day (Music and Movement)

Way back when, before I went on vacation and came back to a pandemic that changed everything, I did a music and movement program for Leap Day. We had just begun weekly programming at our new branch (which we opened in September), and this was my contribution. Continue reading

Strange Magic Music and Movement

If you are not aware of the polar vortex that has gone through the Midwest, allow me to tell you, it has been COLD! We’ve also been hit with excessive snow in the past two weeks, so I didn’t have high hopes for Monday night’s music and movement program. However, we had a few die hard families venture out for some dancing, and I led them in a magical program. Continue reading

Body Boogie – Music and Movement

For this week’s music and movement program we did a body theme. While I try to base my music and movement programs around a theme, I found with this one that I might be putting myself into a box. I felt like the program could have been more fun (not that it was not a lot of fun), had I not been so concerned with using songs about our bodies. Continue reading