Exploring the Five Senses

This week’s Preschool Steam Lab was centered around the five senses. We began the day with a brief and simple lesson about the five senses. We talked about each sense, what they do, and how it works. Then we played a game of guess the sound and what do you see. The kids really enjoyed listening to sounds and then seeing if they were correct in their guesses or not. We spent a little bit of time talking about how our senses keep us safe, before moving on to our experimentation stations. Continue reading

Fizz Boom Pop (Chemical Reactions for Preschoolers)

This past fall, my library started a new program for preschooler’s called “Preschool Steam Lab.” The program is designed to start teaching young children about science and experimentation. It was a huge hit in the fall, and the winter STEAM Labs were much anticipated. For the winter’s first steam lab we chose to focus on chemical reactions.

img_1248 Continue reading